Omaha Dog Bar
Address: 1231 S. 14th Street, Omaha, NE 68108
Little Bohemia
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Omaha Dog Bar will be a membership based indoor and outdoor off-leash dog park bar in Little Bohemia. The facility will combine a professionally maintained bark park, with a bar and eatery where owners can work or socialize while their pups run, jump and play. We plan on starting construction January 2020 with a goal open time in the Spring.
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The Omaha community has been wanting a more dog friendly community for years. Midtown and Downtown Omaha is growing into very dog-friendly areas with the majority of housing options being pet-friendly. Even though these residents have a canine-friendly home, they still have a significant lack of both green and community space to exercise and socialize their dogs. If they want to be social with other humans, there are only three permitted restaurant and bar patios in the entire city of Omaha. However, these patios require dogs to be on-leash and weather and capacity restrictions may occur.

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